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Dr. Celeste has been qualified as an expert in Federal and Superior Court in the State of New Jersey and specializes in law enforcement use of force, policy and procedures, training and high-speed pursuit.




Dr. Celeste has been a police academy director in. New Jersey for over 30 years and during that time he has trained thousands of police, corrections and parole officers in use of force along with providing force instruction to SWAT operators, active shooter teams, firearms instructors and civilian personnel from all levels of government.


Dr. Celeste possesses a distinctive set of credentials that provide the foundation for his unique ability to serve as an expert witness and/or consultant. Dr. Celeste’s experience as a police officer and supervisor, trainer and educator coupled with his talent in writing exceptional expert reports makes him highly sought after as an expert. Additionally, his knowledge of the law, policies, procedures and current law enforcement practices concerning use of force assist in the facilitation of a well-developed expert report and knowledgeable testimony when needed.


Dr. Celeste has consulted a variety of cases at the local, county, state and federal government where he identifies strengths, weaknesses and strategies relative to a given case. Dr. Celeste has worked on over 100 cases to include officer-involved shootings, in- custody deaths, and all other use of force cases where law enforcement officers are involved.



TEL: 908.507.8047


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