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Additional Key Points:

•    Dr. Richard Celeste is intimately familiar with the rules and regulations regarding range design requirements relative to the Police Training Commission (PTC) requirements. The PTC is an arm of the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice and governance authority that oversees Police Training Commission approved firearms ranges in New Jersey.

•    Dr. Richard Celeste constructed and is responsible for sustained maintenance at the Somerset County Firearms Range. Construction began from scratch and was accomplished with minimal funds and those funds were gathered using a unique multi-year payout design.

•    Dr. Richard Celeste has been an Academy Director for longer than any current Director in New Jersey (23 years).

•    In 2004 Dr. Richard Celeste was named to the “Homeland Security and Public Safety Group” by the American Association of Community Colleges. In addition to his extensive law enforcement experience this appointment provides Dr. Richard Celeste a broad-based constituency which certainly appeals to local, state, and federal government as they work towards Homeland Security Issues.

•    In January 2004, Dr. Richard Celeste was named Project Coordinator for a federally funded grant relative to Homeland Security at Raritan Valley Community College.

•    Dr. Richard Celeste both offers and hosts Homeland Security training at the Public Safety Institute for law enforcement agencies in the state.

•    Dr. Richard Celeste’s area of expertise is Use of Force and has provided instruction to trainers from over 30 states in the United States. 

•    Dr. Richard Celeste is a consultant and works extensively with the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office and local law enforcement on a variety of education and training issues.

•    In May 2004 Dr. Richard Celeste presented at the Community College National Center for Community Engagement in Phoenix, AZ. The topic was Homeland Security.

•    In 2007, represented New Jersey State Chiefs of Police Association on the topic of “Less Lethal Munitions” before New Jersey Attorney General Committee on Less Lethal Policy development.

•    In 2007, the Somerset County Police Academy became the sole training site for all new Parole officers in the State of New Jersey.

•    In 2008 requested by the Division of Criminal Justice to assist in the development of use of force lesson plan for PTC certified Basic Training Courses.

•    Attended the AELE Law Enforcement Legal Center Workshop on “Lethal and Less Lethal Force,” March 24-26, 2008; San Francisco, CA.

•    In 2008, testified before Attorney General Blue Ribbon Committee as expert witness and consultant relative to the feasibility of Conducted Energy Devices and their use in the State of New Jersey.

•    In 2008, successfully completed 62 hour certificate program from Penn State University on the topic of Less Lethal weapons; considered to be the only program of its kind in the United States.

•    In September 2008, attended a special Federal Bureau of Investigation school relative to “Color of Law.”

•    Attended the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc. National Conference October 29-31, 2008, Law Vegas, Nevada.

•    Currently, co-authoring the “Less Lethal Certificate Program” curriculum for the State of New Jersey.

•    Attended the AELE Law Enforcement Legal Center Workshop on “Discipline and Internal Investigations,” April 13-15, 2009.

•    April 2009 Certified by AELE as a “Certified Litigation Specialist.” The first and only individual in New Jersey to hold that certification.

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